Standalone software development in C#/C++, from simple GUI to 3d interactive visualization connecting to your background analysis.

3D interaction software

Complex and large frameworks, scalable, easy to expand, with APIs, and easy to use. solution diagram
opt tool 01

Run your optimization routines and use a simple GUI to monitor its progress.

Other projects we ❤️

AI framework to give interactive suggestions and learn from user actions. Native apps, Cloud web server and database on Azure, Optimization and learning done offline, ML scripts deployed on AzureML.

Optimization framework for interactive steel joints design.

Capybara, Rhino/Grasshopper plugin featuring advanced mesh manipulation algorithms from CGAL and libigl.

Interoperability and database framework to share data between the number software in use.

Dodo, Rhino/Grasshopper plugin to manipulate tensor field, meshes, and also providing optimization and machine learning algorithms.

Optimization framework for building structures, including GUI.